Thursday, 7 February 2013

DP World pushes for more ships for Vallarpadam ICTT

Post the relaxation of Cabotage, DP World- operator of the Vallarpadam International Container Transshipment Terminal (ICTT)- is trying hard to attract more vessels to Kochi. Speaking at a lecture meeting organised by the Kerala Management Association, K.K. Krishnadas, Director and CEO, DP World, Kochi, said that there is a need to create a better image for the port. Krishnadas was referring to some of the problems at the port had faced in the past, including flash strikes and other issues- although Cabotage was the biggest stumbling block. 

 “This has changed now. However, more collective efforts are needed to make the port a success in competition with other global terminals”, he said. DP World also made a lot of efforts to project the ‘strike-free image’ of the port, he added.  

DP World is busy disseminating productivity and performance figures of the Vallarpadam ICTT internationally. The ICTT is said to be gradually increasing its footprint, with some mainline shipping companies regularly sending at least one ship to Kochi on a trial basis after the relaxation of Cabotage. 

With the draft at the basins being increased to 14.5 metres next month and a possible reduction in rates as more ships call the ICTT, DP World is hopeful of competing against Colombo, that some figures show handles almost half of India’s container trade at present.

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