Friday, 19 September 2014

Drowning of 500 Migrants in the Med Deliberate, Survivors Say

Investigators from the International Organization for Migration said that they have obtained eyewitness testimony of a tragic incident in which as many as 500 migrants were drowned when their vessel was deliberately sunk in the Mediterranean. The survivors said that the traffickers turned violent when the 500 migrants they were escorting to Europe refused to switch to an unseaworthy boat.

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

The racism of disaster coverage

From 'The Daily Beast'

ROME, Italy — During the 10-day period from the time the wrecked luxury cruise ship Costa Concordia began to rise from its watery grave off the shore of the small Italian island of Giglio to the moment when it began its impressive journey to Genoa in a spectacular $1.2 billion salvage operation, a few hundred miles away about 260 migrants died at sea in separate shipwrecks off the coast of Sicily. In the 30 months since the Costa Concordia capsized, killing 32 people, nearly 2000 migrants have drowned in the  Mediterranean.

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