Thursday, 28 July 2011

Somali pirates demand compensation for other pirate deaths

In developments reminiscent to those of the MV Asphalt Venture where seven Indians were kept back as hostages even as their ship was released, Somali pirates holding four South Korean crewmembers on the hijacked tanker MT Gemini have now demanded compensation from the South Korean government for the MV Samho Jewelry storming by commandos earlier this year. Eight pirates were killed in that incident that left the Captain of the Samho Jewelry seriously injured. The pirates holding the Gemini, with twenty-five crew, have also demanded the release of their other pirates from South Korean jails before they release the Korean crew.

A pirates aboard the MT Gemini told the Associated Press that the current South Korean policy was “foolish treatment”, and said that his group would "reconsider holding their (South Korean) nationals in our hands” after compensation was paid and other pirates held in Korea released. The South Korean government has refused comment so far.

Analysts say pirate actions of holding back the crew will increase pressure on shipping companies to deploy armed guards since paying ransoms is no longer a guarantee that crew will be released unharmed, especially if they belong to countries that have taken robust action against Somali piracy.

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  1. The best way to end piracy in Somalia coast..shown by Russians. destroy their crafts and Kill them all at sea. keep on doing this.. very soon piracy will end.