Monday, 17 January 2011

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Hybrid Superyachts are here! The path breaking Ocean Empire LSV (life support vessel) will be the first superyacht to use the ‘Skysails’ technology (see pic), The 44 metre long vessel is actually a Hybrid: her solar powered propulsion system actually uses three major sources of sustainable energy. She also has two hydroponic farms and fishing facilities, besides luxurious hotel amenities aboard.

The prime energy source is the sun. Solar cells cover the entire surface of the LSV; they also light up the Hydroponic farms. The first backup source is wind, which powers the automated SkySail and charges the yacht’s batteries. The third source is energy from the waves that is harnessed through a unique Motion Damping Regeneration (MDR) system. Used in skyscrapers to reduce swaying, the system was modified and renamed MDR for use on the superyacht. It works because linear generators produce up to 50 kws of electricity as they dampen the motion of the vessel.

Designer Richard Sauter says, “The Ocean Empire life support superyacht liberates the superyacht community from its strict dependence on unsustainable resources by harnessing the renewable collective power ever present in the earth’s Biosphere”.

The Ocean Empire LSV can feed 360+Mwh’s of electricity to the grid- and has a range of 12,000 nautical miles.

Citadel breached, crew missing: Reports indicate that the crew of the Danish weapons ship ‘Leopard’ have been kidnapped and apparently taken off the vessel. This is the first publicly acknowledged case of a ‘citadel’ having been breached by pirates. When Turkish commandos eventually boarded the vessel in the Indian Ocean off Oman, they found no trace of any pirates or the crew. Rumours are circulating that the pirates have already made contact with the owners and the crew have been abducted; they are believed to be on board the mother ship Shiuh Fu No 1, a Taiwanese fishing vessel seized by pirates last year. The Leopard is believed to be carrying "sensitive" cargo, including weapons. ShipCraft, the operators of the Leopard, have refused comment so far; that their ships routinely carry arms and nuclear items is well known. Analysts believe that the pirates may have disembarked from the Leopard either because the crew had disabled the ship or because the brigands feared military action because of the high profile cargo. The Leopard has six crew aboard; she is believed to have carried armed guards that had disembarked off Salalah before the attack took place.

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